About Our Service

We offer high performance Analytics solutions to aid business decision making, with the help of cutting edge tools and techniques. We keep our-selves abreast with recent algorithms which transform the business KPIs and brings in impact the add value to the business bottom line. Our analytics services include:

  • Descriptive
  • Diagnostic
  • Predictive
  • Prescriptive
  • Cognitive
  • Forecasting

Key Proficiency Areas

Advanced ML Techniques
Cutting Edge Tools
Design & Implementation
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Our Solutions

Helps business to understand which group has the higher chances of buying a particular product or respond to a marketing campaign.

  • Feature which drives the output and the direction in which they are driving the output.
  • A real time simulation of these features helps understand better to come up with the right business decision in different business scenarios.

Helps to understand attrition of any form (Customer Employee) with the given set of business levers. The algorithms identify the features responsible for the churn and business can treat those timely to avoid unfavourable business outcomes.

We help our customers to understand their business better through data and analytics, segmentation and clustering is just another way of achieving that. It will help to understand which features/customers (depending upon the Industry/business domain) are similar based on their behaviour and pattern.

Question like what are the drivers driving the business, Revenue and profit can be answered by better understanding of historical data on primary and secondary drivers of business and the narrow down the number of drivers to see only the key drivers of impact to make future decisions.

  • This can also aid and advise on what are the business levers which are leaving a mixed impact on business and can be combined to arrive at new drivers.
  • Moreover how much impact a leader’s gut feeling or experience has over the decision can also be quantified.