About Our Service

A good data visualization is one which encourages the eye to compare. We at nSquareLabs bring out the hidden insights from our client’s data and help build the story. We hold expertise in tools like Tableau, Qlik Sense and Power BI to analyse your data and put forth an insightful, comprehensive and actionable visualization. Our services are:

  • Integrated data mart creation
  • Automated dashboard
  • On-boarding and training

Key Proficiency Areas

Data Integration
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Our Solutions

Custom web analytics insights is very important in any business to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts and expenditure. The dashboard will guide the digital marketers to understand:

  • The volume and quality of traffic on website from the clickstream data
  • The key customer journeys
  • Focus geographies
  • Effectiveness of marketing channels
  • Level of engagement of the visitors on the website
  • The best buys/buyers
  • Near real time view of the relevant metrics which will help to take the quick and actionable decisions

Sales is a very important element in any kind of business. To have a full view of  all the opportunities become very important to understand the full pipeline. The dashboard will give:

  • A view of all the open, closed and lost opportunities
  • Quota achievement
  • Accounts and top customers
  • Conversion (what,where,when)
  • Lead Scoring
  • Pipeline Forecasting

Knowing the key drivers affecting the business helps you make informed strategies and drive business in the right direction. We provide in our dashboard:

  • A view of how each factor is affecting the business and in what direction
  • Quantify the effect of factors
  • Provide a simulation tool which helps the user to play around with the
    factors and foresee the effect on the business.

If you know your customer well, you can target them wisely and get the most out of them. The dashboard will:

  • Provide a 360 degree view of your customers in terms of Gender, Age group, Geography, Income etc.
  • Help to identify their buying patterns
  • Understand their sentimentsHelp target the best product at the right time