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Our Primary Services

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing helps taking business offerings to the masses on digital media where people are online multiple times as much as before. nSquareLabs helps in taking your marketing efforts to the relevant audience on digital platforms. We offer digital marketing services for B2B as well as B2C businesses.
Data Visualization
A good data visualization is one which encourages the eye to compare. We at nSquareLabs bring out the hidden insights from our client’s data and help build the story. We hold expertise in tools like Tableau, Qlik Sense and Power BI to analyse your data and put forth an insightful, comprehensive and actionable visualization.
Procurement Intelligence
Our sourcing and procurement solution would assist category managers develop understanding of the market dynamics, identify and shortlist potential suppliers, build negotiation strategies, identify the best available alternative strategies and industry best practices.
Advanced Analytics
We offer high performance Analytical solutions as per business requirement , with the help of tools like R and Python we keep our-self updated with recent algorithms which can add value to the business requirement.
AI Solutions
Cognitive technologies are a catalyst for making other data-intensive technology succeed. By AI we don’t mean technology , we leverage AI to support business need by automating process , cognitive insight by making better use of your data in order to overcome the limitations of some common Machine Learning process. Continuous customer engagement using Natural Language Processing which will allow customers to have continues interactions with machine.
Cryptocurrency Analytics
Our analytics team has explored various advanced algorithms to provide deep insights into the price movements of crypto currencies. We have developed a crypto currency index which will enable our users to invest their funds wisely in different tokens. Further we also provide other financial KPIs for the Crypto Currencies which will provide better visibility of the risk associated with it.

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